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Building Inspection and Testing Insurance

No price gimmicks. No association mark-up. No surprises.
Every day inspectors are bombarded with e-mails and letters offering the “perfect” professional liability insurance at an “unbelievable” price. And, as is often the case, these policies are riddled with holes in coverage and the prices are far more than the original offers indicate. This occurs because the associations or companies selling these limited policies are searching for a quick, one-time sale with a high margin.

Think Solutions, Not Showmanship.
The truth is that insurance is a service business. A true professional insurance provider understands this and seeks to establish a professional, long-term relationship. His goal is to first understand his client’s needs and potential risks and then to develop coverage that is appropriate – hopefully at a price that is affordable.

Experience, Experience, Experience
In real estate it’s all about location. With insurance, experience is crucial. A holistic understanding of insurance is important, but just like a doctor who specializes in heart or brain surgery, a professional provider of insurance must have a complete understanding of the businesses he serves.

William Adams & Associates Inc.
Our company was established in 1987 and from the beginning our intent was to specialize in key areas of business. We began in the jewelry industry and now have more than 300 clients nationwide. Our business has grown to include attorneys, convenience stores and building inspectors. Our principals and staff focus exclusively in these areas and we have a depth of knowledge that is unmatched.

Building Inspection Insurance Specialists
For almost two decades Stark Harbour has been providing insurance services to building inspectors. In the early 1990s Harbour was asked to lecture on insurance and risk exposure for start-up home inspectors by Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia. He was subsequently asked to develop a top-tier insurance program for inspectors matriculating through Gwinnett’s inspector training. Since that time, Harbour has continued to develop and provide quality, forward-thinking insurance programs for inspectors, and his client base has grown to include inspectors in more than 30 states.

Harbour joined Adams in 2008, just after being appointed president of the Georgia Independent Agents Association, and is now its managing director. He has previously established the building inspector program at Grimes Insurance and Financial Services. He has since implemented a more complete program at William Adams.

Expansion of Inspection Services and Infrared Technology Risks
Throughout the past decade, inspectors have been asked to expand the services they provide. Advances in technology have also forced inspectors to increase the number of “tools” in their toolbox. Unfortunately, their insurance policies did not often keep up. As early as 1999, Harbour began developing policies that were broader in scope and took this evolution in services into account. He was the first to structure policies that covered Radon and mold testing as well as other indoor air quality inspection techniques. He also developed policies that covered building inspectors who wrote termite letters and he began writing policies that covered the use of infrared technology as early as 2001. In 2005 his policies already included energy audits.

Infrared Technology Patents and Mitigation Legal Risks
After extensive research and consultation with the top building inspection insurance underwriters as well as interviews with client inspectors, William Adams and Associates determined that the ability to bundle infrared patent licensing with Professional Liability policies would mitigate the growing risk of patent infringement litigation for inspectors. Thus, the company sought to structure legal relationships so that licenses would be granted with approved insurance policies. Currently William Adams and Associates is the only company offering a policy that includes an infrared patent license.

Legal Consultation for Insurance Claims Available at No Cost
Insurance coverage can be lost if inspectors do not respond appropriately to claims against them. That is why William Adams and Associates offers legal consultation of up to 3 hours to any inspector to which they sell a policy. William Adams provides this service at no charge to its customers.

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The InspectAll insurance Program is only offered by William Adams & Associates and represents the new standard for the inspection community.